The City government of Stafford consists of a Mayor and six Aldermen. Both the Mayor and the Aldermen serve terms of two years. They meet the first and third Monday of each month, unless it falls on a holiday; in that case, the Aldermen will meet on the following Tuesday. All Board of Aldermen meetings take place at Strafford City Hall, which is located at 126 South Washington Avenue.

City Hall Mailing Address:

Strafford City Hall
PO Box 66
Strafford, MO 65757.

Your city government decides on many issues every year from city budgets, planning and zoning, and new city laws. Remember, you always have a voice in city government.

Citizen’s Agenda Request

Election Day in Strafford is the first Tuesday in April. One-half of the aldermen are elected each year. The mayor is elected depending on the year the mayor took office.

If you are unsure of which ward you live in, view the Strafford Ward Map.

Mayor – Ashley French

Ward I Aldermen – Joel Johnson and Michael Evans

Ward II Aldermen – Jeff Larimer and Kevin King

Ward III Aldermen – Andy Anderson and Dustin Reed 

If you wish to contact a member of the Board, go to the Government tab and select “Contact Us”. You can then use the drop down menu to select the person you want to contact via direct email.