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Hey Kids!

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Netsmartz - a web site for learning about safety online, bullying, and much more
   E books

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These are some of our favorite books!  Maybe you can find them at the library.

The Police Cloud by Christoph Niemann                                                                        
A Day at the Police Station by Huck Scarry
Big Mike's Police Car by Leslie Mcguire and Joe Mathieu                            
I Want to be a Police Officer by Dan Liebman

Print off some cool quizzes on safety, drugs, and emergencies here.


Netsmartz is a website to help teens with cyber bullying, internet safety, and other daily teen issues.  There are games and activities and a lot of info!

Teen driving is a big milestone!  Click here to learn driving tips and how to be safe on the roadway.

Teenagers are often exposed to peer pressure regarding drugs and alcohol.  Visit here for information regarding drugs, peer pressure, and help with drug abuse specifically for teens.


Follow the links for great information on teaching your kids about safety!

Does your household have a plan in the event of an emergency?  Click here to learn how to discuss emergencies with kids and have a plan of action.

The National Crime Prevention Council has an abundance of information regarding talking to your children about strangers, drugs, bullying, school safety, and so much more.  Plus there is information for adults such as scams, fraud, firearms, and safety tips for your home.  There are links on about McGruff the Crime Preventing Dog, games, and brochures.

Netsmartz has a parents page that assists with speaking with children about safety issues.  There are numerous topics and presentations to help with handling daily concerns such as internet safety, cell phones, bullying, etc.