There are many signs which may indicate drug activity in your neighborhood, school, or workplace.  While a single indicator may have a normal explanation, numerous indicators, together, are often associated with drug activity.  If you are aware of drug activity or would like additional patrol to prevent drug activity, contact the Strafford Police Department.  If you believe a friend or family member has issues with drug or alcohol abuse, click here for resources and more information.

Signs of drug activity in a neighborhood:

Frequent visitors at a residence during all hours of the day and night
Visitors of a residence commonly staying only a couple of minutes before leaving
Odd hours of activity inside the house
Blacked out or blocked view from windows and doors
Elaborate security system
Large amount of valuables (televisions, vehicles, stereo systems, etc) purchased without financial means to support it
Odd odors emitted from residence:  commonly smells of chemicals including ammonia or marijuana